Modern brides are breaking all kinds of wedding traditions, from the dress to the food, so why would she settle for a conventional shower?

One of the biggest changes to bridal showers in recent years is the lack of games like wedding movie charades or bingo, says Lydia Noble, founder of Noble Events. “Don't play games unless the bride specifically asks for them. There is nothing worse than being a guest forced into a get to know someone game. It is uncomfortable,” she advises.

Another way modern bridal showers are breaking with tradition is with a great theme. If you’re a bridesmaid or friend planning to throw a shower in honor of a soon-to-be bride, here are a few ideas for unforgettable party themes.

1. Weekend Getaway

Pack your bags and take the girls for a night out on a different town with a destination bridal shower. Whether you take a road trip to the beach or a quick flight to Las Vegas, a short trip with your closest gal pals is the ultimate way to plan an extraordinary bridal shower. Pro tip: plan the weekend around an activity or outing like a private vineyard tour, spa day or concert to avoid burnout on each other’s company.

2. Around the Clock

This out-of-the-box theme is one of Noble’s personal favorites. “Each guest is given a time, such as 6:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m. on their invitation and they must bring a gift that coordinates with that time of day,” Noble says. For example, she knew one guest who had 5:00 a.m., so she gave the bride new dog leashes because that’s when she walked her dogs and assumed the bride did, too.

3. Co-Ed Showers

Breakdown the gender barrier by hosting a wedding shower for both the bride and groom – and inviting both guys and gals. The party can range from a cocktail party to a backyard barbeque and guests should bring couple-oriented gifts, like home goods.

4. Pajama Party

Throwback to your schoolgirl days by planning a slumber party bridal shower. It’s perfect theme for brides who prefer a night in with close friends. Be sure to include all the clichés, including homemade masks, junk food and manicures.

5. Group Class

Rather than planning a run-of-the-mill party, gather everyone together to gain a new skill. Hire a chef to teach everyone to make a tasty dish, attend a private painting class, get a lesson in cake decorating or learn how to taste wine like a pro.

6. Volunteer Activity

If your bride has a heart of gold, consider forgoing the party for a more charitable activity like volunteering together at a local non-profit, food bank or homeless shelter. Or, simply ask that guests donate to the bride’s favorite organization instead of buying a shower gift.

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