Just like dresses and décor, food styles, cuisines and flavors tend go in and out of favor for weddings. And with the rise of foodie culture, there’s no lack of new and exciting trends for couples to choose from.

Need some culinary inspiration? Here are nine of the latest wedding food crazes that are sure to delight your guests’ palates.

1. Farm Fresh

Many couples are taking a cue from the farm-to-table movement for their wedding dining experience, says Kaitlynn Camp, Sales and Event Manager for A Silverware Affair.

“Popular trends lately that I have noticed are more local and organic menus featuring colorful farm fresh vegetables. The presentation is gorgeous as well as delicious,” she explains. Plus, in-season fare also tends to be more affordable, which is great for couples on a budget.

2. Veggie Lovers

To accommodate an increasing number of guests with dietary restrictions, entirely vegan and vegetarian wedding menus (rather than a single non-meat alternative) are becoming more commonplace. In fact, searches for vegan wedding food is up 186 percent according to the 2018 Pinterest Wedding report.

3. Pretzel Bars

Food stations have been a major wedding trend for a few years now and pretzels are the latest iteration (Pinterest searches are up 343 percent this year). Be sure to offer a range of sauces and toppings like cheese, mustard or cinnamon sugar, so guests can create their perfect twisted treat!

4. Edible Favors

Rather than spend money on a favor no one actually wants, like another candle or drink cozie, give them a taste of the big day. “Popular items I have seen lately are jars or homemade honey, jams, jellies, cookies and snack bars,” says Camp. “Guests love them instead of something they may never use again.”

5. Middle Eastern Menus

Take your guests on a culinary expedition by incorporating flavors and dishes from Middle Eastern countries, such as Persia, Israel, Morocco and Syria. Infuse spices like cardamom and harissa; utilize ingredients like cucumber, mint, tahini and eggplant; or consider including dishes like lamb or grilled halloumi on the menu for a bold and tasty food experience.

6. Flavorful Blooms

Why leave flowers to just the décor? Floral flavors are a lovely way to add an unexpected note to your wedding menu. Create flower power cocktails with St. Germain liqueur, add edible petals to your cake, freeze blooms in your ice cubes or sprinkle your salads with flowers for a bit of beauty and taste.

7. Personalized Eats

Turn your food into a story of you and your soon-to-be spouse’s life together by pulling inspiration from all the places you’ve been. Include your childhood favorites, hometown dishes and flavors from the cities and countries you’ve traveled to for a truly unique menu.

8. Korean Cuisine

Another culinary hot spot as of late: Korea. From bibimbap and kimchi to glass noodles and beef and pork bbq, there are so many rich tastes and dishes to explore from Korean cuisine for your upcoming nuptials.

9. Midnight Snacks

A whole night of dancing and celebrating your newly minted marriage is a guaranteed way to work up an appetite. Ensure guests go home with great memories and full bellies by offering late-night bites at the end of the party, such as tiny grilled cheeses, doughnuts, cookies and even little chicken and waffle sliders.

Whatever you decide to serve up to your guests, make sure you have a solid caterer who can pull it off. When hunting for a catering vendor, be sure to look for great customer service, says Camp.

“They should always be great communicators with their clients and happy to explain and answer all of your questions,” she says, adding that that communication is a two-way street. “Always be open with [your caterer] about what you want and take time to really figure out what you would like for your big day, sometimes even before you begin the catering hunt.”

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