For a wedding as out of this world as your love, look to the stars. From planet centerpieces to galaxy cakes, there is so much to draw inspiration from for a space-themed event.

Ready to blast off into married life? Here are a few ideas for creating a beautiful interstellar wedding without treading into costume territory.

1. Set a Celestial Tone

Your invitations are the very first impression guests have of your wedding, so choose a design that matches your theme. Consider sending invites that spell your names out in stars or stationery featuring a big bright moon for a lunar-tastic look.

2. Say ‘I Do’ Under the Stars

While you can’t get married in space (yet!), you can hold your wedding in a space-centric venue. “Science museums and planetariums are perfect venues to host this type of themed wedding,” advises Nancy Goldstein, Director of Creative Design for Amazing Celebrations & Events.

Observatories can also make great wedding venues and guests can even get a tour of the stars! Other stellar venue ideas: a rooftop, backyard or field away from the city for an uninterrupted view of the night sky.

3. Add Some Twinkle, Sparkle and Shine

Bring the stars indoors by adding romantic lighting elements. Create a canopy of string lights, fill glass cloches with fairy lights, or even project the entire night sky across the ceiling for a dazzling effect.

4. Choose a Cosmic Color Palette

Your color scheme is key for establishing an otherworldly atmosphere for your wedding. Shades of blue and silver are a classic choice, according to Goldstein. Or, you can bring a little more variety with galaxy inspired hues, such as purple, pink and teal. The universe is full of fun color options, so don’t be afraid to explore!

5. Find Your Star Sign

For thousands of years humans have believed our destinies are written in the stars. Even if you don’t believe in horoscopes, you can still draw inspiration from constellations by swapping traditional table numbers for the names of major star groups.

6. Create a Lunar Photo Op

Give your guests a memory they can take home by creating a space-themed photo booth. Make it fun with props like astronaut helmets or keep it simple with just a hanging crescent moon.

7. Accessorize with Stars

Top off your wedding day look with accessories inspired by the cosmos. Fit your groomsmen with galaxy bowties or star cufflinks; don sparkly stars in your ears or secure your hairdo with star clips; you can even seal the deal with wedding bands made from meteorite.

8. Serve a Taste of Space

Why stop at décor? Tie your theme into every wedding element – including the food. Taste the stars by serving Dom Pérignon as your champagne toast or offer astronaut ice cream on your dessert bar. And, of course, a galaxy cake with beautiful swirls of color and shiny mirror finish is the perfect final course before you rocket off into your new life as a married couple.

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