Love may never go out of style, but many wedding trends do. To avoid looking back at your big day and cringing at the out-of-date décor or fashion, here are a few ideas that are truly ageless.

The Decor

The key to timeless wedding décor is to keep things simple. Neutral palettes featuring white with gold, gray or green accents, for instance, create an atmosphere of sophistication.

“You can always add a pop of color to them like a blush pink or a pretty blue for your own personal style and they are stunning,” explains Annette Hoegner, owner of Classic Touch Events.

As for the décor itself, look for pieces that are inherently elegant, like chandeliers, luxurious fabrics, fine china and candle votives to build a classic wedding scene.

The Venue

The right décor can transform just about any venue into a classical style wedding, but hotels ballrooms, churches and country clubs are standards for a reason. If you’re looking to say ‘I do’ outdoors, consider a wedding on the beach or in a well-kept garden.

The Flowers

For flowers, roses are a romantic and versatile choice ranging from dainty spray roses to lush garden rose. Other staple wedding blooms include peonies, hydrangeas, anemones and lily of the valley. For the bridal bouquet, avoid oversized, busy or loose arrangements. Instead, have your florist create a symmetrical, round design with a few flower types for a refined look.

The Dress

Finding a dress that will never look outdated is trickier than other wedding elements. A ball gown with lace, satin or beaded embroidery details is, of course, the model fairytale wedding dress, but don’t be afraid to go with your gut on this one.

“When it comes to picking a bridal gown, I say go with what you love. If you love your dress you will always be happy with it no matter how styles change,” advises Shelby Rouse, wedding coordinator for Magnificent Moments Weddings.

The Hair and Makeup

Top off your timeless bridal attire with understated beauty look. “Don't overdo it! The makeup should be darker than normal to stand out in photos but it needs to be tastefully done,” says Hoegner. “You still want to look like yourself just an enhanced version of that.”

For hair, consider a chic up-do like a chignon bun, or keep things loose with glamorous waves. As for makeup, choose one feature to highlight and keep the rest subtle, such as a smoky eye paired with a nude lip.

The Traditions

A classic wedding isn’t just about the look. It’s also about the rituals. “Our favorite traditional wedding elements would be the things that are unique to weddings, first dances, father daughter dances, cake cuttings,” says Rouse. “We here at Magnificent Moments Weddings love including those traditional aspects into weddings that make them not only unique, but also classic.”

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