Dramatic makeup can have big impact on your big day – but to avoid looking overdone or garish, it’s best to go bold with only one key feature. Here the experts tell you how to make your beautiful eyes pop or play up a stunning smile.

The Eyes Have It

Smoky eyes are always thought of as black/gray, but the term really refers to the effect – that lovely graduation of color intensity, says Jemma Kidd, a makeup artist and creator of the Jemma Kidd Make Up School line of products. “This is due to the application technique, where the intense color has been blended out and tapers off to nothing.”

In fact, a less severe smoky eye in shades of color – such as bronze, champagne and warm, earthy browns – is often more flattering with a bridal gown, works on anyone and isn’t seasona. Pair this with eyeliner in matte shades of purple or dark navy. The top liner stronger than the top, so brush a metallic bronze, topaz, purple or blue shadow under bottom lashes. Metallics tend to be more sheer and lighter than the same color in matte.”

For a really soft finish, Kidd advises giving the color something to blend into by brushing a little bone-colored or translucent powder along the brow bone. “Make sure there are no hard lines above the crease or it will look like panda eyes,” says Kidd. “Finish with a light coat of lengthening black mascara and define your brows.

Smile Pretty

Colorful lips always look great on brides and photograph beautifully. Frosted lips are out, she adds, while on-trend hues are rich in pigment (e.g. shades of pink to a deep rose and shades of berry to a deep red), with or without shine.

Just keep in mind that certain colors pair best with particular skin tones, notes Kidd. Skin with yellow or orange undertones is described as warm, and suits lip color with orange undertones, brick reds, bronze, gold, brown- or orange-toned pinks, and corals, she says. Skin with pink or red undertones is considered cool and looks great in all blue-undertone pinks, pink-based browns, and berries – no orange tones.

To ensure your vibrant smile makes it down the aisle and beyond, line your lips and then apply lip liner over the whole surface for an even undercoat of color and a waxy base for lipstick to adhere to. Apply one coat of lipstick, blot it with a tissue and layer on another coat. A dusting of translucent powder or blush on top of the lipstick will give a matte finish and excellent staying power.

Before you head to the ceremony, stash your lip products in a stylish clutch that will be handy all night long. It’s the one thing you’ll need to reapply throughout the event.

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