There’s no shortage of websites with photos to help you formulate your idea of big-day beautiful.

Many brides find inspiration in celebrity images because starlets typically have top stylists creating their picture-perfect looks.

The key thing, however, is to know yourself.

Find examples of your desired look (as well as ones you don’t like), ideally on someone who looks like you.

We all want to look like Beyoncé, but if your skin tone and hair type are more like Nicole Kidman, only a small fortune and a really good plastic surgeon can help you. Of course, you also can point out aspects of pictures that appeal to you, such as flawless, glowing skin like Beyoncé’s. But if you, say, have short and thin hair, understand that a large bun would require extensions.

Print photos or store them on your phone or tablet and bring them to your consult. Or you can email a ... link to your stylist to help her or him prepare for the trial.

Days or even months of online research and photo accumulation only go so far. It’s important for brides to come in with an open mind, and take advantage of your stylist’s opinion.

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