A wedding-day workout can be the best idea ever. Or the worst.

A morning workout in step with your regular exercise routine, such as yoga or a 3-mile run, can give you some normalcy and relieve stress on your wedding day. It can both energize and calm you.

But if you don’t regularly work out and are simply trying to sweat off a few extra calories before the ceremony, now’s not the time to starts, Levine notes.

Exercise during your engagement period is a different story. “It’s a great time in your life to make some positive changes,” says Christi Masi, creator of “The Healthy Bride’s Bootcamp Workout” DVD. “There’s nothing quite so motivating” as a wedding, she says.

Masi advises brides to realistically look at what they hope to lose and the number of weeks before the first dress fitting — not the wedding date. “It takes a lot to lose more than a pound or two a week,” she says. “You have to change a lot of behaviors to make that happen.”

Significant change is possible but shouldn’t require an unhealthy situation, Masi adds. Wedding planning is stressful enough — exercise should ease stress, not add to it.

Motivation To Get Moving

Setting attainable milestones with rewards, and working out with a buddy, such as one of your bridesmaids, are good ways to keep a fitness plan moving. “Having other people around doing the same thing is extremely motivating,” she says.

For brides in a pinch, Masi recommends burning calories quickly by working against gravity, such as by climbing stairs and hills or increasing the treadmill incline.

Bride should continue their fitness plan post-honeymoon. “Weddings change brides from couch potatoes to recreational athletes,” Masi says. “Focus on what comes next.”

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