In the days prior to your wedding, it’s essential that you slather on the sunscreen and do your best to stay out of the sun so that you don’t end up with any last-minute burns or tan-lines that you can’t fix. You should also moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” she adds. “Most brides are wearing heavier-than-usual makeup, so hydrated skin can help you get those flawless close-ups.

In addition, enjoy a spa day with your BFFs. Now is not the time to try new products or get aggressive treatments, but relaxing in the steam room or a gentle massage can give you that all-over glow.


To help keep you energized for all the week’s activities and minimize final-hour bloat, drink lots of water and eat plenty of vegetables. Getting good sleep is essential. Many brides underestimate just how overwhelming their wedding will be, physically, mentally and emotionally. I try to discourage squeezing in that one, last workout if a bride is already exhausted, and, instead, encourage taking naps to rest-up for the big day.


A feel-good tip is to have a one-week cut-off on all wedding projects. I see so many brides stress over last-minute projects. They see something in a magazine and want to add it (or, worse, make it) and then end up working into the wee hours trying to finish it.

Instead, set aside some time in that final week to simply hang out with your sweetie – have fun, be romantic or simply veg out. You’ll go into your wedding day focused on the big picture and not sweating the small stuff!.

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