Hot and humid weather rarely play well with hair. But even for brides getting married in the summer, you should never worry about having a bad hair day on your wedding day.

For an effortless, stunning look, try these 4 summer styles on for size.

1. Loose Pinned Curl Updo

Updos are a classic style perfect for the summer, allowing brides to keep their hair out of the way. The look works best for medium to long layered hair that’s normal to thick in texture, and can be tweaked to match any venue, from a rustic barn to a elegant ballroom.

2. High, Braided Bun

What could be better for keeping hair at bay than a high bun? While low buns are often more popular for special events, the high bun deserves a second look — it’s both pretty and practical. Soft, curly texture throughout and finishes the bun with a chunky braid for a modern touch.

The bold ballerina look is best suited for brides with long hair with little to no layers.

3. Low, Undone Chignon

It can be a bit more difficult for brides with shorter hair or long bobs to find unique wedding day looks, but with a low, undone chignon bun is beautiful and modern solution.

Short-to-medium-length hair creates the perfect size chignon at the nape of the neck. To make an extra summery statement, consider asking your stylist if they can weave flowers into your look, perhaps using ones similar to those in your bridal bouquet.

4. Elegant Side Sweep

This elegant look features side-swept hair with pinned big barrel curls and is super on trend with a deep side par.

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