Whether you prefer short hair or are stuck with it because of your hair type, you can still have the glamorous do you desire when you say “I do.” Here are some expert ideas and advice for getting the bridal style of your dreams.

Stick with short

If you want to flaunt your short hair, then go for it! If you have a shorter bob or an A-line style, leave it as is but pull one side back with twists or braids to add a little something different to it.

If you’ll be embracing your tomboy side, Cary says a faux hawk is the way to go. You may curl the hair on top or piece it out to make it more elegant.

Embrace beach wavy

A recent trend that seems to be sticking around is the beachy wavy look. This is the Chelsea Hammer look or natural wavy look that leaves the ends straighter. The hair can be pinned in certain places to accentuate the waves and give a more elegant look. Another natural looking do is a low messy Chignon gathered at the base of the neck. You can also loosely pull the hair half up for a simple and classic look.

Add length with extensions

If you long for long locks, don’t fret. There are so many things you can do with hair extensions and clip ins.  Your hair type, texture and length will determine whether clip-ins or extensions are best. With clip-ins you don’t have to sleep or shower with them. Extensions can be a little more of a commitment. Either way, the added hair stays better behaved than your real hair when it comes to weather and wear. Another perk; you can rent the hair if you don’t want to keep it around forever.

Dress up your do

No matter what style you go with, accessories can add extra pop, charm, dimension, and style to your hair. Clips and natural flowers never go out of style. Flower crowns can be the perfect complement for the beach wavy look.

Invisible string with crystals are another trendy option. Just don’t let the string exceed the length your hair. Jewelry that hangs across the forehead and drops into the hair is also popular.

When choosing flair, consider your wedding style and dress, as well as what accentuates your face shape best. If you don’t look great with a headband then don’t try to wear one on your wedding day.

Hairbands are a great short for brides looking a little extra volume. A headband can give a Cinderella look by pushing the hair forward in the front, giving you more height and keeping the hair in place.

Ponder the price

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you’ll pay less for your bridal do. Difficulty of your style and the length and type of your hair matter most. Styles are priced based on time and difficulty. Short, thin hair can sometimes require a lot of work, as can super thick, long hair. It all comes down to how much time it will take to create a bride’s style.

Photo by Feather and Twine Photography; Hair by Megan Cary Hair and Makeup Artistry

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