The bride may be the belle of the ball, but the wedding is also the groom’s big day. So it makes sense that he would want to put his best face forward with a bit of extra grooming.

“Men are more interested in style, skin and hair care today than ever before,” says Stephen Handisides, an international TV presenter and male grooming expert. “Taking care of your appearance as a man is actually fashionable, and there is no longer a stigma about being ‘girlie.’ It’s big business, too. The male grooming industry is growing at a phenomenal rate.”

Here are six tips from industry professionals for being a well-groomed groom.

1. Start a Skin Routine

Your skin is the canvas for your wedding day look, and it needs prep time. “Get a jump on your skin at least four weeks before your wedding day,” advises Armon Moore, creative director for Bevel, makers of high-quality shave systems.

At a minimum, start regularly using a gentle face wash and moisturizer in the morning and before bed. “If you have some dark spots or blemishes to target, consider toners and spot correctors made with glycolic and lactic acids to gently exfoliate and start revealing fresh, even skin,” adds Moore. “Keep your spot corrector on hand in case you have some surprise blemishes pop up the night before the wedding.”

2. Pamper Yourself

Don’t be afraid to indulge in some TLC with professional-grade spa services like a massage, spray tan or facial.

“I can almost guarantee the bride will have an extensive beauty regimen in the lead-up to the wedding, so there is no reason why the groom shouldn’t as well. A good idea is to have at least three facials — try one a month in the lead-up,” recommends Handisides.

3. Tame the Eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your face and can make a huge difference to your overall look. Take the time to neaten them up by going to a barber or specialist to ensure every hair is in place.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Nails

“Nails are a super important detail a lot of men overlook, but grooms should consider all of the attention that their hands will receive on the big day, from exchanging rings and shaking hands, to the photographer capturing it all,” advises Moore.

5. Get a Fresh Shave

Nothing looks more put-together than a man with a fresh shave. If you’re rocking a clean-shaven look on your big day, make sure you use the right products to avoid razor burn, nicks or ingrown hairs.

“The morning of the wedding, complete the three-step shave: prime clean, wet skin with a pre-shave oil, shave with an aloe vera-based shave cream and single blade safety razor for the closest shave possible, and finish up with an alcohol-free post-shave balm,” says Moore.

6. Stick With a Tried-And-True Hairstyle

Schedule your pre-wedding haircut with a barber a few weeks out, and choose a style you know well. “Don’t try a radical new look the day before your wedding,” says Handisides. “The pictures are going to be around for a lifetime, but the train-track razor cut will be out of style before you know it.”

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