Meet Marsala – the robust red hue with earthy brown and rich burgundy undertones – Pantone’s color of the year for 2015

Like its wine namesake, Marsala is a hearty and fulfilling color that provides people with a sense of confidence and stability, according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

“In a world like the one we’re living in people obviously are looking for confidence and stability,” Eiseman says. “And I would think that for brides, that’s certainly something you want, to be confident with the choices you are making and the colors.”

The color’s innate versatility means Marsala is beautifully incorporated into any wedding style and easily worked into invites, décor or even the wedding cake.

Marsala is a rich, soulful hue, but it’s also a color that can change its feel depending on the way that you highlight it. Paired with soft pretty pinks, peaches and deep greens the palette becomes ultra romantic. Paired with rose gold and copper, the style becomes glam and rich. Paired with reds and greens, the look feels traditional but innately warm.

Cosmetics are a simple and subtle way for brides to incorporate the color of the year into their wedding-day look. Eiseman suggests using lipstick or nail polish to add a pop of color or even layering a Marsala eye shadow with shades of gold or silver.

Marsala’s versatility also comes in handy for the wedding party’s attire, since it’s flattering for all skin tones and works well in both men’s and women’s apparel.

“It’s not a really gender-specific color; it is liked by both men and women” Eiseman says. “And of course that’s a good thing when you’re putting a wedding together. You want to get everybody happy.”

Although the dark hue traditionally may be associated with fall or winter seasons, couples can utilize Marsala any time of the year. By combining Marsala with blush and ivory for a classic palette, or bright corals and oranges to give it a fresh summer vibe.

Flowers are another easy way to incorporate the color – Because [Marsala] falls in that pink/burgundy/magenta/red family – it’s in the largest color family in the flower industry – so there are a lot of options. Roses, proteas, dahlias, gerbera daisies and tulips are among the numerous florals that naturally bloom in a dark red.

Couples can also draw inspiration from the popularity of fairy tales in media – “Frozen,” “The Hobbit,” “Once Upon a Time” and “Game of Thrones” – which pairs impeccably with the powerful hue. Soft lighting, wildflower and touches of lace can all add an element of romance and magic to any wedding.

If you have flowers or décor photographed against a matching deep-red background, then the details tend to blend together. So bring in different tints and shades to complement, coordinate or contrast with a base color to ensure that pictures are dynamic.

Overall, allow color to lead the discussion when planning you wedding. The color palette is usually one of the first decisions a couple makes when planning their wedding and “important to set the feel and the vibe” of the event, according to Hill.

Color can also be really important to the formality of a wedding. Certain colors have more of a formal feel; other combinations can feel more casual.

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