An emerald engagement ring is verdant and versatile.

Brides can let the stone stand out, or go all-out green when it comes to other jewelry for their big day.What works best depends on the bride’s own sense of style, says Amanda Gizzi, director of communications for Jewelers of America.

Having a beautiful pair of emerald earrings is definitely going to accentuate the gorgeous emerald engagement ring. But at the same time, emeralds look beautiful with diamonds, and they could look beautiful with other gemstones as well.

Emeralds for accessories instead, an emerald engagement ring or wedding band, may not be the best idea for all brides.

Emeralds are an 8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. While sturdy, it’s a far cry from diamonds, which are a 10.

American women tend to put on their wedding ring and never take it off, and garden and work out and do dishes with it, so it’s not going to hold up [over time].

Still, colored gemstones are popping up on more and more ring fingers, and brides-to-be don’t have to see green over others’ colored engagement rings.

If you love emeralds and you didn’t get an emerald engagement ring, emerald wedding bands, or wedding bands that alternate between an emerald and a diamond or have one emerald accent is something that you should consider because they do make beautiful wedding bands.

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