Wedding bands of silver, platinum or gold are timeless classics, but many couples today are looking to bring a little more personality to their rings.

“Couples are looking for custom pieces of jewelry that speak to their personality and sense of style,” says Tammy Kohl, designer and owner of Takohl Design, Chicago. “They are looking for a unique way to celebrate not only their love but also their esthetics, dreams and gratitude to each other.”

Here are a few popular ring trends for couples searching for an alternative to traditional wedding bands:

Custom Inscriptions

What better way to make a ring your own than with a personal inscription? The Takohl Treasure Ring appears to be a simple band on the outside, but unlocking the hidden latch reveals a custom secret message inside the ring.

“Hiding a meaningful hand engraved message inside a mechanical ring is a bit sexy and old school,” explains Kohl. “Each one-of-a-kind ring becomes a treasure that inspires as well as commemorates.”

Colorful Gemstones

Vibrant gemstones, like blue sapphires or purple amethyst, are another increasingly popular choice for wedding bands. Consider adding red rubies in honor of his favorite color, green emeralds as a reminder of the school where you met or even her birthstone to create a beautiful and thoughtful custom ring.

Pop-Culture References

Celebrate what brought you together with rings inspired by your favorite movies, books or TV shows.

Nature-Inspired Rings

If the great outdoors is more you and your fiancé’s style, then perhaps a nature-inspired band is the right choice.

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