While there’s always a place for tradition at weddings, the boutonniere doesn’t have to be one of them. An increasing number of grooms are having fun with the wedding day detail and using the opportunity to show of their individual styles. Here are a few unique ideas of what to pin to your lapel.


These prickly plants come in a wide range of colors and are the perfect complement to a rustic or bohemian wedding. You can pair thistles with other flowers, greenery or a little twine or burlap. Plus, if you or your betrothed have Scottish heritage, thistles are a nice little family homage.


Unlike many traditional flowers, succulents are hardy and can stand up to the daylong festivities. And with so many varieties and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find succulents to match your style.


Foliage isn’t just filler anymore – it’s the star of the show. You can create a forest-inspired bout with eucalyptus leaves, ferns, herbs or any other green plant. As an added bonus, greenery is much less expensive than fresh flowers.


Skip the plants all together with a boutonniere that will never wilt or die. You can keep it simple with a single fancy feather or pair together a few plumes for a more dramatic look.

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