Looking to add an air of royalty to your wedding? How about a bit of a superhero vibe? It’s princess capes to the rescue as bridal capes take off as a growing trend.

Bridal capes, which can serve as a veil alternative (in fact, Jena Lynn Dick, owner of J. Lynn Bridal, calls them the “new veil”), are still a fairly new trend, increasing in popularity as brides opt for more unique looks. Lynn says she has kept at least one bridal cape in stock at her store ever since seeing them at the National Bridal Market Chicago last year.

“I wrote it to my order immediately,” Lynn says. “Not because I thought tons of brides would buy it, but because myself and my staff needed it! It's a great piece to put in the window display, fashion shows and photo shoots.”

Lynn, and many others offering bridal capes, often see them as a way to add a bit of modesty to bride’s looks. Capes give the overall look a different dimension, Lynn says, and brides don’t have to worry about hairstyles interfering like with traditional veils.

Kristi Wilson, who manages the marketing team at Anomalie, a custom wedding dress company, says she’s seeing more and more capes being incorporated into dress designs and started to see an uptick in the trend in mid-2017.

“The trend is stunning and it's one that's here to stay!” she says. The beauty of incorporating a cape into your wedding day look is the benefit of having two completely different looks without having to change your dress, she says. And unlike veils, which can be predictable for wedding vows, capes add drama and flare in a way that guests won’t expect.”

And while “cape” could conjure up a connotation with something too theatrical for a wedding, Lynn says they’re perfect for brides who beat to the style of their own drum.

“The cape is more often done in a subtle way instead of a costume-y look,” she says. For example, J. Lynn Bridal helped a bride who wanted a “Game of Thrones” wedding, so she used various shades of grey and wore a long tulle cape. Brides can add these elements without making it look like Halloween, she says.

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