The custom of popping the question with a ring is centuries old, but the look of engagement rings is always evolving with the times.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest trends you can expect to see in the ring shop (or scrolling through your newsfeed) this year according to experts. 

1. Yellow gold

This traditional metal is making a big comeback, says Shannon Miller, Retail Director at Anna Sheffield.

“2020 welcomes a new decade and a break from the norm. Yellow gold will continue to prevail offering a playful nod to all things vintage and nostalgic. With its soft glow, yellow gold allows a stone to really be the star,” she explains.

2. Minimalist designs

In another return to classics, rings with few adornments are also having a resurgence. 

“I have noticed a shift towards traditional rings with cleaner more simple designs,” says award-winning jeweler, Deidre Featherstone. “I think the halo has had a good long run and people are moving away from it. There is a safety and longevity in a classic design.”

One of the most popular embodiments of this is the solitary stone trend. This understated look with a single gem and unadorned band allows the stone to really shine. Plus, without all the extra fuss, many couples can actually afford a slightly larger gem this way. 

3. Cluster gems

If you want a little more sparkle than a single stone can offer, consider another big trend for 2020 rings: cluster stones. This new take on multi-stone rings doesn’t surround the main stone with smaller gems; instead, stones are grouped for a more organic, eye-catching shape. 

4. Chic shapes

Move over princess cut – new shapes are taking over in 2020! Instead of square or round diamonds, many modern couples are opting for oval and pear-shaped cuts as chic alternatives, says Miller. 

“Be on the lookout for marquise diamonds as emerald cuts continue to be standout,” she adds. 

5. Colorful gems

When you picture an engagement ring, you probably automatically imagine a crystal-clear diamond at the center. Today’s engagement rings, though, come in every color of the rainbow. 

Gemstones, like pretty pink morganite, sky blue aquamarine or bright green emeralds, all allow brides to add a pop of color and personality to their rings. Gray diamonds (aka “salt and pepper” diamonds) are also gaining in popularity among brides who want a more subtle, yet still non-traditional stone. 

6. Sustainable stones

Modern couples aren’t just concerned with how a ring looks; they also want to know where it comes from. That’s why many people, especially younger generations, are choosing lab-grown diamonds over traditionally mined stones.

This trend is part of a larger movement toward eco-conscious wedding as modern couples better understand the impact their nuptials can have on the Earth. 

7. Custom designs

“My favorite trend has to be the resurgence of custom jewelry,” says Miller. “Clients now more than ever are incorporating their unique love story into their rings with hidden halos, birthstones in the wedding bands, cool engravings, and the list goes on!”

Ultimately, though, you shouldn’t focus too much on what’s popular or trendy when shopping for an engagement ring. Instead, find something you love and is as special as the person who gave it to you. 

“Remember that your engagement ring is the only outfit that you will wear every day. Think beyond trend and choose a piece that truly speaks to you today and you ten years from now,” advises Miller.

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