If time, work or money weren't an issue, you and your soon-to-be spouse would spend your life traveling. Even though reality is what it is, you can still celebrate your mutual love of travel on your wedding day with these travel-themed ideas.

Add trip-inspired flare

Send guests on a trip of their own with passport invitations. "They are not only surprisingly fun for your guests to open and explore, but they set the tone for your wedding day," says Sarah Parlos, owner of One Fine Day. Plane or train tickets are other festive options, or sending postcard invites from the city where the wedding will be is a unique way to set the tone, notes says Jessica Dalka, founder of Chicago Planner Magazine.

When guests arrive, keep them intrigued by having them sign a guest book that isn't a book at all but rather a globe or a world map, suggests Melissa Hernandez, event producer and consultant at MH Event Productions & Consulting. And swap out a card box for a suitcase.

For place cards, custom luggage tags showcasing your guests' names and table numbers can also serve as favors. "This is a two for one idea – a fun themed favor that also plays an important part in the flow of your day," notes Parlos.

However, if luggage tags aren't your thing, other ideas include bottle openers shaped like airplanes, tropical sunglasses and rotary globe wine stoppers. "A little something your guests can take home with them that is inspired by traveling will go a long way in creating the desired vibe," says Sophie Darling, wedding expert at WeddingDresses.com.

And Instead of numbers, Hernandez suggests labeling tables by locations you've traveled to. "Part of the centerpieces could be a photo of the couple in that country," says Hernandez.

Other centerpiece ideas include ships, suitcases or mixing mini model airplanes and other symbolic travel figurines with flowers. "For example, use an Eiffel Tower or a small trunk or even books about certain locations at the table," says Dalka. "If you want to theme each table like a different country, include little details into the decor."

Get food and entertainment in on it

Consider serving guests authentic food. "Using a diverse array of appetizers from around the world is a great way to create that exciting travel feeling you're looking for," says Darling. Keep it simple though, she warns, suggesting, "Finger foods with little tags that say the name of the snack plus country of origin."

For the main entrée, Tiffany Hayden, owner of wedding company Detailed, says, "Have culture stations – taco bar, pasta station, baklava for dessert, etc. Incorporate foods you've discovered on your travels but that are friendly to guests."

Incorporate travel decor with your spread for extra charm. Suitcases can pose as props for your dessert table as well as make a great stand to place your cake on, notes Parlos.

When guests are done with eating, give them entertainment based on your favorite travels. "Cultural dances, music, a game to decide who has been to the most out of 50 states (staying longer on the dance floor for more, similar to anniversary dance)," Hayden suggests, adding that hiring performers from other cultures, such as belly dancers, mariachi bands or caricature artists can really wow guests.

For a final personal touch, incorporate an international custom that has meaning to you and the groom. "I love the tradition of newlyweds sawing a log in half together like they do in Germany. The log symbolizing the first obstacle they must overcome as a married couple," says Darling. "There are many fun options to explore. With a little research, one of these customs would be a sweet addition to your wedding."

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