On your wedding day, you don’t want to settle for looking anything less than your absolute best. That’s why it’s crucial to make time for hair and makeup trials prior to the big day.

While it may seem unnecessary to do a beauty run-through since this isn’t the first time you’ve worn makeup or gotten your hair done. This is especially true when you’re neck deep in finalizing flower arrangements and fielding RSVPs, but any professional will tell you that practice really does makes perfect.

Here are nine expert tips for ensuring you get the most out of your wedding hair and makeup trials.

1. Find the right professionals

Before you book an appointment, do a little research to find a hair stylist and makeup artist who fit your budget and can bring your dream wedding look to life. Check out reviews and dig into their Instagram to see what they’ve done for other brides. And don’t discount the importance of personality – you should hire someone you trust to make you feel beautiful and confident!

2. Get started early

Don’t put these appointments off until the last minutes. Three months from your wedding date is ideal for your trials, so you have plenty of time if you’re aren’t happy with the first practice runs.

3. Bring inspiration

Even if you’re not a Pinterest queen, you should at least have a handful of images of what you like (and don’t like) on your phone or in a private Facebook album that you can share with your stylist and artist. That way, you can clearly convey your ideas and beauty taste. And don’t forget to bring photos of your dress to ensure a cohesive final look!

4. Arrived prepared

For your makeup trial, you should come with a clean and moisturized face so you don’t have to waste time removing your makeup at the studio. For your hair trial, arrive with dry hair free of product and bring along any hair accessories you plan on wearing, such as a veil or comb.

5. Take detailed notes

Ask your hairstylist and makeup artist how to touch up your look throughout the day. Write down the product names so you can create a handy little emergency kit to keep you picture perfect all-night long.

6. Put your look to the test

After your trials, see how your look holds up to dancing and general revelry by planning a night out with the girls.

7. Take plenty of pictures

Not only do you want to have a photo for reference on the big day, but you should also try seeing how your look changes in different lighting. This is especially important if you’re planning an outdoor event.

8. Skip the entourage

Just like there can be too make cooks in the kitchen, there can be too many friends in the salon. Stick with just a couple close advisors, like your mom and MOH, to avoid chaos at your appointments.

9. Ask plenty of questions

Don’t be afraid to question your stylist or artist! You should walk out of your trial appointments feeling 100 percent confident and excited. So, if you have concerns, need clarification or want advice, speak up.

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