Social media has changed the bridal beauty game. Instead of cutting out pages from magazines, they’re swiping, liking and pinning inspiring wedding day looks.

“Most of today’s brides are looking for inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest,” says Katelyn McCullough, co-founder of Elwynn + Cass. “Instagram is the forerunner in trends. Today’s brides are stalking hair and makeup profiles before even reaching out to potential hair and makeup artists.”

Here are some of the biggest bridal beauty trends experts expect to see in 2019:

1. Royal Beauty

“With three royal weddings in recent memory watch for tiaras, headpieces, flower crowns as well hair jewelry. Who doesn't want to be a princess?” says Alyssa McKenzie, makeup artist and creator of Alyssa McKenzie Cosmetics. “We will still see ‘Markled’ updos created to look effortlessly undone.”

2. Extra Shine

McKenzie also expects to see more brides rocking metallic shades for both makeup and nails. “Silver and rose gold liner or lid shadow act like jewelry when paired with simple hair such as a ponytail or chignon,” she says. Shiny nails in gold, copper or silver also provide a little extra flair to an otherwise minimal bridal look.

3. Less Than Perfect

While every bride wants to look impeccable on her wedding day, there’s nothing wrong with having a few hairs out of place. In fact, a casual hair style like a low messy bun or natural waves are increasingly popular choices for walking down the aisle.

“In 2019, I expect to see more of the loose, boho hair. Even if it’s a classic style, I find brides wanting it to look more effortless. Pulling out some pieces to frame the face really helps modernize any hairstyle without making it too trendy,” says Amy Merritt, a hair and makeup artist.

4. Surprising Colors

While natural nudes and pinks continue to be a wedding day go-to, more adventurous brides are experimenting with pops of color. Consider a deep purple lip or bright blue eyeliner – just be sure to choose one bold element to avoid becoming clownish. McCullough also recommends pairing unexpected makeup looks with non-traditional attire, such as capes, jumpsuits or colored gowns.

5. Sleek and Chic

A smooth blowout with a middle part is the perfect choice for brides who believe less is more. Paired with natural makeup and minimal accessories, like a dainty headband or simple veil, this understated look produces a timeless effect.

When choosing your bridal beauty look, it’s important to take more than just trends into consideration. Experts recommend consulting a professional makeup artist and hair stylist to find a look that is flattering and appropriate for the setting.

“I’m a big advocate for timeless over trendy. With that being said, you should choose a look that makes you happy. Choose what you like now. Don’t worry so much about your photos looking dated that you don’t choose hair and makeup that makes you feel beautiful and confident,” advises Merrit, adding, “Always discuss the weather and what implications the wind, heat or rain may have on your look with your stylist.”

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