Busy bakers share the crave-worthy cake flavors they see trending for 2013, plus other creative combinations that should be.

The Hot List

Instead of settling for 150 servings of, say, white cake with lemon filling, today’s newlyweds-to-be typically want a different unique flavor (such as chocolate cake with caramel and banana fillings) for each tier. But basic offerings are getting supplanted by stacks of sweets that remind couples of their heritage (red velvet, Italian cream), their childhood (funfetti, bubblegum), the season (spiced pumpkin, caramel apple), or their foodie favorites (salted caramel, chili chocolate).

Couples are gravitating toward more decadent, luscious flavors that are evocative of fine desserts. Popular picks include Caramel Toffee Fudge (dark chocolate cake with chocolate truffle cream, caramel sauce, and English toffee bits) and Coconut Passion, a sponge cake with coconut cream, coconut Swiss meringue buttercream, and a passion fruit reduction.


While couples certainly are getting more open-minded about variety and not-just-vanilla flavors, there are more unexpected tastes such as chocolate Guinness cake with beer buttercream or unusual fruit fillings such as pomegranate and mango. Embrace exotic fruits, such as dragon fruit or even durian. For example, cactus pear gelée to use as a cake filling. Daring combinations include guava cake with pink peppercorn and raspberry buttercream and cinnamon-vanilla cake with Mexican hot chocolate buttercream. You want guests to put their fork into a slice of wedding cake and to be shocked that it’s so tasty.

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