Modern weddings are all about personalization, so what better way to set the mood than by finding a venue that epitomizes your style? From classic cathedrals to a tree house in the woods, just about anything goes today when it comes to wedding venues. As the backdrop to your special day though, you want a location that clicks instead of clashes with your style.

The first step: know your vision. Some venues, like hotel ballrooms or urban lofts, are essentially blank canvases that can be transformed to match any theme. But many come with their own style and ambiance that can enhance your wedding’s overall look.

So don’t try to turn a venue into something it’s not.

Select a venue which has built in elements so you don’t have to spend a large part of your budget on rentals. Don’t try to make your outdoor wedding extremely elegant or your indoor wedding rustic. Start with the right venue for your theme.

If you want an event inspired by the glamour of the 1920s, for example, you might go for a historic theatre with its ornately painted ceilings. Couples looking for outdoor spaces with beautiful greenery should check out local botanical gardens.

Here are a few more out of the box venue ideas to help you find the right fit for you:

• Museum venues: While art museums provide a classic backdrop for your ‘I Dos,’ you can also party with dinosaurs at a natural history museum or dine under the sea at the local aquarium.

• City, state and national parks: Let Mother Nature provide the décor for your big day by choosing a public park. Just be sure to do your research on permits and restrictions.

• Antique stores: What better way to get that kitschy-cool, vintage look than holding your wedding at an antique store? The built-in décor will save you a ton of money you would have spent on rentals.

• Tree houses: That’s right, you can tie the knot in a tree house! These whimsical venues are essentially cottages on stilts in a forest and are a great spot for an intimate, woodland fairy tale wedding.

• Historic libraries: A large public library is the perfect choice for a couple of bookworms looking to tie the knot. Or couples can play with the idea of fairy tales or simply love the nostalgia of books.

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