No matter how you know the bride (your lifelong bestie, sorority sister or actual sister), it’s truly an honor to be asked to be the maid of honor. It’s also a big responsibility. Here’s what you need to know to be a great MOH:

Leading up to the big day

• One of your main responsibilities as MOH is to lead the other bridesmaids. Ensure they understand their assigned duties and has their wedding ensembles (dresses, jewelry, shoes, etc.).

• Go shopping with the bride for her dress and the bridesmaid gowns. You’re also responsible for paying for your own attire.

• Attend all pre-wedding parties, including the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner.

• Plan the bachelorette festivities. Be sure to take into account what your bride wants (is she a spa girl or does she want a Vegas-style bash?).

• Assist with pre-wedding tasks, such as addressing invitations, creating wedding favors or other DIY activities.

• Your most important task is providing emotional and moral support to your bride. Listen to her concerns and help keep her calm during this stressful and exciting time.

The day of the wedding

• Ensure all of the bridesmaids are ready for the ceremony on time. Think of yourself as the team leader and help mitigate any crises so the bride doesn’t have to.

• Hold onto the groom’s ring leading up to the ceremony. Have a designated spot to keep it, like a hand bag or even your thumb.

• After the bride finishes her walk up the aisle, arrange her train and/or hold onto her bouquet.

• During the ceremony, you should play hostess so the bride can focus on having a good time. This includes keeping track of gifts and helping to run interference as needed.

• Give a heartwarming and appropriate toast. Keep it short and avoid any embarrassing stories (remember, grandma and grandpa are in the audience!).

• Overall, be a great friend to the bride! Help her remember to eat, drink water and have fun.

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