It’s a tale as old as time — two people fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Maybe that’s why so many couples still think of fairy tales when they image their dream wedding.

“Fairy tales encompass true romance, hope, happiness and that ‘love conquers all.’ I feel when a person starts off planning their wedding they remember the magic of fairy tales and they want that magic in the wedding,” says Heidi Ford, owner of Endless Possibilities Event Design.

A fairy tale wedding may seem like cliché, but it’s a classic theme for a reason. Here are a few ideas for creating your own modern wedding straight out of the storybooks.

1. Focus Your Fairy Tale

Just like there isn’t one single fairy tale story, there isn’t just one way to throw a fairy tale-themed wedding. To create a cohesive look, look to a single story for inspiration. For example, one of Ford’s recent clients used Disney’s “Cinderella” as her muse.

“[They] had the wedding cake designed to look like Cinderella’s glass slipper on a pillow and used deep purples and pinks and gold in their color palette. They used purples, pinks and white in their flower combinations and topped it off with accents of mirrors and jewels throughout the venue,” she says.

Another couple went in an entirely different direction with a woodland-esque fairy tale wedding a la Snow White. “Her colors were all earth tones, wild flowers, organic crystals, moss, moss covered books and fairy lights,” adds Ford.

2. Choose A Magical Venue

While you can certainly dress up a blank box venue, consider choosing a setting with a bit more character. Set the scene for your wedding with a lush garden, magical forest or even a bona fide castle.

3. Dress Like Royalty

It’s easy to be the belle of the ball when you’re wearing a ball gown. This classic wedding gown silhouette is perfect for any bride who wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Top it off with a sparkly hair accessory as your modern day crown for an extra regal touch.

4. Send Out Stately Invites

Announce your impending nuptials with invitations fit for the queen. Think lined envelopes, invitations tied with ribbons, laser cut paper that mimics lace, and wax seals with your initials.

5. Create A Romantic Vibe

One area you can’t skimp on for a true fairy tale wedding: the flowers. Whether they’re crawling up the ceremony arch or cascading down from the rafters, flowers are an easy way to make a big, romantic impact. Select blooms with large, soft petals like peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus and, of course, roses.

Lighting, too, is a key part of creating that fantasy look. Fill your reception décor with twinkly fairy lights, lanterns and (fake) candles for a soft, magical glow.

6. Sprinkle In Fairy Tale References

While you want to avoid being too kitschy, you should still have fun with your theme. Name your tables after fairy tale characters or craft some custom cocktails inspired by your favorite Grimm Brothers’ story. Or, test your guests’ knowledge by offering fairy tale trivia during the cocktail hour.

“If you have a kids table, have the coloring books be fairy tales, offer fairy tale books and crafts,” suggests Ford.

7. Depart In Style

Begin your happily ever after than by leaving your reception in a fairy tale-inspired transportation. And what could be more fitting than a classic white horse and carriage?

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