Being the maid of honor is a wonderful responsibility placed on the bride’s closest confidant. While the maid of honor is in charge of planning, executing, last-minute tasks, organization, and much more to keep the wedding running smoothly; she is also there for emotional support throughout the entire wedding.

According to, the maid of honor is in charge of planning the bachelorette party, bridal shower, and acting as a go-to person for the entire bachelorette party before and during the wedding. These duties usually fall to a sister, close family member, or best friend.

Although the maid of honor has many duties leading up to the wedding and during the wedding, her most important tasks fall before the wedding arrives.

A day in the life as the maid of honor before the wedding might look like this…

1. Bachelorette plans

Let’s get right into it– planning a bachelorette party takes a lot of time, energy, and input from the gals attending. It’s important to get a jumpstart on this and do a little bit of planning each week for a few months before the party arrives. This might include forming a group chat with the bridal party, choosing a location, nailing down an Airbnb, and starting a list of must-dos in the selected city.

2. Wedding dress shopping

While the maid of honor is not in charge of the wedding dress itself; she might make the appointment at the wedding dress shop, coordinate schedules with those invited to come along, and attend the appointment. Her opinion is important when making final dress selections! In keeping with shopping for dresses, the maid of honor typically rallies the wedding party for the bridesmaids’ dress shopping festivities too.

3. Bridal shower

Planning the bridal shower will not require as much time and energy as the bachelorette, and the bride herself may want to help organize/ invite guests to this event. However, the maid of honor should be present and available to help with set up, shopping for the shower, delivering invites, etc. If the bride would prefer to be more hands-off/ surprised, the maid of honor might take planning, decor, and food for the bridal shower into her own hands.

4. Champagne runs

Whether it be gearing up for wedding dress shopping, stocking up for the bachelorette, or even pre-planning for the bridal shower; champagne and food runs typically fall on the maid of honor. The maid of honor is known to handle small details like snacks, bubbly, lip gloss, backup shoes, etc. for the events leading up to the big day.

5. Attending appointments

While it’s up to the bride and groom to finalize their wedding details such as venue scouting, cake tasting, DJ selecting and more; the maid of honor may be asked to attend some small appointments. This could include hair and makeup trials, manicures and pedicures, and pre-wedding spa days. And if the groom can’t make it to a wedding appointment, the maid of honor may stand in to keep the bride company.

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