We all know that weddings are typically costly events for all involved. While the occasion of marrying the love of your life is the ultimate reward after spending large sums of money, it can get tricky to navigate planning a wedding on a budget.

When it comes to your bridesmaids being there for you on your special day, they will all be truly honored to stand by your side. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t struggle with paying for wedding-related expenses.

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and loved ones, and they want to support you and be there every step of the way on your journey to and down the aisle. So why not try to help them out a bit by cutting costs?

Saving your bridesmaids money is easier than it sounds. There are always budget hacks for everything on the wedding preparation to-do list, and your bridal party planning is no exception.

Here are a few budget hacks to save your bridesmaids a few bucks:

1. Shop for dresses online

Shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses in-store can be an exciting bonding experience for your wedding party! However, sometimes bridesmaids dress boutiques have elevated prices to go along with an elevated experience.

Pro tip: make an appointment at a bridesmaids dress boutique for your bridal party, write down everyone’s sizing and preferred dress style, and look online to purchase dresses. Chances are that you can find a similar gown style for a lower price.

2. Bachelorette on a budget

Although a bachelorette party is a fun staple for a bridal party and something for all to look forward to; there are ways to lower the budget and still have a great time. Consider booking Airbnbs instead of a block of hotel rooms. Book your stay NEAR the city, perhaps outside of its borders, but not in the middle of the action. You may need to rideshare to your destinations, but you’ll be saving money on location.

A luxury trip to a dream destination may not be feasible for the entire bridal party; so it’s also important to remember to excuse those who can’t afford it. It’s not personal– just not realistic for everyone’s finances.

You can also have a weekend closer to home to avoid air travel, which can be extremely costly for weekend trips.

3. Hair and makeup hacks

If you are considering having your bridal party pay for their own hair and makeup, perhaps you can offer them the option of doing it themselves or helping them pay for it.

Photos on your wedding day are important, and it’s natural to want everyone to look their best, but this extra expense can add up on top of a bridesmaid’s dress, accessories, and shoes. Contributing some money out of your wedding budget to help gals pay for this service or allowing them to get glammed up on their own are great alternatives.

Offering your bridal party these simple solutions will mean a lot to them and help improve their wedding day finances. They want to be there for you, they love you and support you, but it’s also important that they don’t break the bank over your wedding.

4. The gift of it all

Make sure your bridal party understands that their participation in your day is all you could ever ask for from them. After it is all said and done, many bridal party members still go the extra mile to get the bride and groom a nice gift – if you have an honest talk with everyone and get on the same page about gifting, the ones who have a tighter wallet will most likely get the message and forgo a formal present.

They still don’t want to show up empty handed? Ask them for a note with their advice for marriage, favorite story of a time you’ve shared together or just some kind words for you to read as you embark on your new life with your love.

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