Assigning wedding tasks to your bridesmaids is a great way to take some stress off of yourself as the bride while giving your closest friends a special role in your celebration.

Your bridesmaids want nothing more than to help you on your wedding day.

They’ll be more than happy to take on any tasks that you throw their way, but it’s necessary to know how (and to who) you should delegate these roles! After all, you don’t want too much to fall onto the maid of honor or one particular friend.

So first off, make a list of any pre-wedding and day-of tasks that you may need help with from your closest friends.

While there are some tasks that are best left to a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, it’s completely normal to ask a member of the bridal party to assist with wedding day details and pre-wedding coordination.

The entire bridal party is typically looped in on planning and executing the bachelorette party, but one bridesmaid on the clock per each wedding-specific task should do the trick.

Then, decide which bridesmaids would be best to take on the task. Which ones have the proper amount of time on their hands to get the job done, and which ones do you trust the most to use the attention to detail needed?

To get the ball rolling, here are a few tasks that you could consider delegating to different members of your bridal party…

1. Pre-wedding appointments

One of your bridesmaids could handle any pre-wedding appointments that your bridal party is expected to attend. This can include bridesmaids dress fittings, hair and makeup trials, nails/spa day, etc. Although it’s not much of a time commitment to reserve these appointments, it could easily be knocked out by one member of your bridal party.

2. Styling assistance

If you’d love some styling assistance and opinions from your bridal party, you could possibly designate this task to one member of the squad. This could mean someone coming with you to find wedding day accessories and shoes, going with you to fittings, and YOUR hair and makeup trials. This is your trusted confidant, and a friend that you want by your side as you prepare for the big day.

3. Day-of details

On your wedding day, chances are there will be some last-minute details that you’ll want off your plate. Think makeup touch-ups, holding your dress while you pee (no, it’s not a myth), helping with dress changes if necessary, and making sure you always have a drink in your hand during the festivities.

4. Schedule keeper

Your wedding day will go by quickly, while you’re doing your best to savor every moment, you shouldn’t have to worry about staying on schedule. Putting one of your trusty friends in charge of keeping people on time and ready for the next event will keep the wedding train rolling on time without delay.

5. Crowd control

Sometimes, a bride wants to ask a member of the bridal party to help with crowd control during the reception. This means making sure everyone is having a good time, putting in song requests with the DJ, and taking candid photos during the party (if those are wanted). This friend wants to keep the party going, eliminate possible drama during the event, and make sure things are running smoothly so the bride doesn’t have to.

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