With all the planning and organizing that goes into having a wedding, some details may slip through the cracks.

To avoid this unnecessary last-minute stress on one of the most important days of your life, it’s important to get ahead of these potentially forgotten details and maintain a checklist of last-minute things to remember.

Brides Guide suggests to first and foremost, check in with your vendors. Gather their contact information (meaning their personal cell phone number) ahead of time so that you can ensure that they know where to be at what time. You could even check in with them one final time the night before the wedding or morning prior to the ceremony to make sure that they’re still good to go.

Another detail relating to your vendors to go ahead and take care of prior to the wedding day would be making sure their final invoices are paid. You don’t want to worry about handling money on your wedding day, so make sure to have this done or ask your wedding planner or day-of coordinator to help with this task.

Worried about last-minute hair and makeup issues? Ask your makeup artist to arrange a “freshen up” kit so that you can apply your own lipstick or mascara throughout the evening. This is also a task that you or one of your bridesmaids can complete prior to the wedding.

Keep your kit on-hand and nearby so that you can whip it out when you need to throw on some more makeup for photos.

Are you leaving for your honeymoon or staying in a hotel directly after your wedding? Think and plan for this by packing a suitcase that’s waiting for you in the car. You don’t want to leave from your wedding and have to stop by the apartment to pick up some forgotten honeymoon or overnight clothes!

Think about the types of photos that you want from your wedding prior to the event. You’ll most likely be working with a professional wedding photographer/ videographer who knows all the right shots to get, but you’ll still want to make sure to give them some direction on the style of photos to take prior to the wedding. You don’t want to get to the end of the day and not have those canids shots you were hoping for, group shots, bridal portraits, etc.

A necessary but less exciting detail to consider is whether your marriage license has been signed by both spouses and the officiant. After all, you won’t want the wedding to be for nothing! While this is among the less glamourous wedding planning tasks, it’s important to make this a priority. So go ahead and get it done and out of the way.

It may sound obvious, but don’t forget to stay hydrated and try some of your carefully selected wedding food! With all the excitement of the day and shaking hands and kissing babies, sometimes the newly married couple can forget to stay hydrated and eat some food. You don’t want to pass out on the dance floor, so take care of yourself!

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