On your wedding day, especially if you’re having an evening wedding, it can feel like you’re sitting around and waiting for the excitement to begin throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Filling that time with pre-wedding activities can be a great way to distract yourself from any nervous energy leading up to the ceremony. This can also fill the time that may feel like an eternity before the wedding festivities begin.

Of course, only plan on extra activities if you know that there will be time during the day before you plan on having photos taken or hair and makeup done for you and your bridal party!

One activity that is fun to do on the morning of your wedding is a brunch with your bridal party. You could make reservations at a local cafe near your venue or have brunch catered into your bridal suite or wherever you and your ladies are planning on spending the day getting ready.

You could also do a pre-wedding photo booth moment with your photographer. Have your photographer use a Polaroid camera or disposable camera alongside their typical equipment to snap some candid shots and silly photos of you and the gals as you’re getting ready.

This is aside from the pre-wedding portraits that you will take with the wedding party (if you plan to do that before the ceremony).

You could also have a coffee station/bar set up for you and your bridal party to make your own lattes, matcha, teas, etc. as a cute activity before the wedding day. After all, you’ll need all of the caffeine you can get! You can add pastries and small treats to this experience to make it feel like your own personal coffee shop.

The same idea works for mimosas for a mimosa bar. Grab a few different types of juices, a few bottles of champagne and some cute mimosa glasses. You can top your drinks off with fresh fruit and cheers for the best day of your life!

If you want to experience some emotions on your wedding morning (even more so than you may already be), ask your family and closest friends to help you put together a slide show to watch in the morning or early afternoon before your wedding.

You can sip mimosas and reminisce on some of the best moments of your life, take a trip down memory lane and get excited to experience a new chapter starting that day.

If a slideshow isn’t your jam, you could also put on your favorite silly/feel good movie to watch as you get ready for the wedding or beforehand. Maybe go for some wedding classics like Father of the Bride, Bridesmaids, 27 Dresses, The Wedding Singer, etc. It’ll be a fun way to get the day started!

If you want to get a good sweat in before showering up and getting ready for the festivities, book a yoga or pilates class for you and your bridal party on the morning of your wedding. Make sure to book it for an early time so that everyone has enough time to shower up after!

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