When solidifying your wedding date, a major factor to consider is the climate and time of year the event will be taking place. The traditional wedding season commences in early spring and typically concludes in late fall, but for the weddings that fall directly in the heat wave of summer, you and your guest run the risk of becoming hot and sweaty before you even get to say, “I do.” Here are a few ideas to consider ensuring all of the parties and guests are comfortable in varying warm temperatures.

Is your wedding outdoors or indoors? If the wedding is outdoors, having shaded or air-conditioned areas for the guests to congregate is very important. At the very minimum, try to host the food and beverages in a cooler area. If the ceremony or reception are outside, other potential items to incorporate are mini handheld fans, sunscreen and mini bottles of water. There’s nothing worse than guests falling victim to dehydration or a mean sunburn during the event, so, eliminating those odds by overpreparing can’t harm. If the event is indoors but there isn’t air conditioning, heavily evaluate if sourcing a third party to rent fans is necessary. For example, if the venue is a farmhouse chic barn without air conditioning, having 50+ people together in a space without proper insulation can be a recipe for disaster.

When coordinating seating arrangements, be mindful of any elderly guests and their tolerance of heat. Most elderly people will require more shade than not, so it would be good to have umbrellas, cabanas or misting stations throughout the premises.

What’s the dress code? If the wedding location is beside a Florida beach in the middle of July, or in the Arizona desert in August, having full fitted tuxes and long lavish gowns might not be the best choices for the bridal party and groomsmen. Taking into consideration the environment, it could be beneficial for the parties and guests to wear shorts, cocktail style dresses and flats. The main notion to remember is that it will be hard to enjoy the festivities if people are miserably battling their body temperature.

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