Wedding insurance is a great tool to recoup any financial losses you may suffer due to wedding-related mishaps, but it won’t necessarily solve the immediate problem of getting on with your wedding.

Even when all of your arrangements are set, it’s always safe to have a backup plan in place to prevent any extra chaos that may potentially confront you on your wedding day—when you’d obviously much rather be focusing on other things. Little problems have come up] at the last minute.

With that in mind, here are some “Plan B’s” to keep in your back pocket to help ensure a seamless, blissful wedding day in the face of unplanned snafus:

Weather the Weather

If all or part of your celebration takes place outdoors, take a potential weather disruption into account. Make sure the venue is able to accommodate a last-minute change of location for your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception should rain, heat, wind or cold become prohibitive.

Vet Your Vendors

A typical wedding day will involve the coordination of about a half-dozen vendors, from the venue to the photographer to the caterers to the DJ or band. Of course, should one of these crucial people come down with a last-minute illness, or get into a fender bender on the way to the ceremony, you’re going to want to make sure they have a ready-and-able backup who’s just a phone call away. A lot of vendors will actually put in their contract what their backup plan is. If not, be sure you bring it up with your vendors while negotiating the terms for your wedding.

Protect the Bride

A bride’s day is busy enough, so if you’re in the bridal party, put together an “emergency kit” with those little essentials like hairpins, hair spray, a needle and thread, Tylenol, lip balm and tissues.

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