1. Have your ceremony at the same location as your reception. You’ll save money on rental fees, décor, transportation and more, in addition to cutting down on photography time.

2. Cut the ‘extra’ items. Things like favors, save-the-dates and extra ‘fluff’ will not be noticed by most guests. Instead, put that money into late-night snacks, gift bags at hotels for out-of- town guests, or a signature drink – something they will really remember.

3. To really personalize a wedding day – and give guests a “piece” of you – is in the place cards/escort cards. If you’re into the outdoors, try writing each guest’s names on a lake rock. For a vintage theme, consider using antique keys. Or, for a cheerful statement, tie or pin a name card to a piece of local fruit, such as an apple, pear, peach or lemon. All these options can also do double-duty as a favor.

4. Save cash on florals by doing a few submerged stems instead of large arrangements, paired with a variety of candles. Cheap has never looked so fresh and chic.

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