Saturday may be the most popular time to tie the knot, but an increasing number of couples are saying ‘I do’ to weekday weddings.

In fact, according to The Knot’s 2018 Real Weddings study, about 20 percent of U.S. weddings have taken place on a Monday through Friday over the last seven years.

So, what’s the big draw? Here are a few key advantages to hosting your wedding on a weekday.

1. The (Potential) Savings

“The cost savings benefits of weekday weddings are the biggest factor for couples. Most venues are simply more affordable on weekdays,” says Leah Weinberg, owner and creative director of Color Pop Events.

Since most weekends are in the highest demand, you may be able to get a deal from venues and vendors looking to fill the rest of their calendar. So, if you’re looking for ways to minimize the price tag of your nuptials, choosing a weekday date may be a smart move.

2. Access to Your Dream Venue

Another reason to choose a weekday wedding date: you’ll have better luck booking your first choice vendors. This is especially true for the venue since they can typically only host one event a day.

“The other reality is that in larger cities, venues can book out really far in advance. If you fall in love with a place and they only have a Friday date available in your timeline, you take what you can get,” adds Weinberg.

3. Best Fit for Your Schedule

“If you and most of your loved ones work in the service industry, a weekday wedding is ideal. Just like for normal 9-to-5-ers with the weekend, weekdays help your friends and family avoid missing work,” explains Merida Alexander, owner of Events By Merida.

4. Laid Back Atmosphere

Weekdays are also inherently less formal, which makes them a perfect fit for couples interested in a more casual event. “As a vendor, I love weekday weddings! It's fun and they tend to be more laid back,” adds Alexander.

Of course, planning a weekday wedding does come with its share of drawbacks, such as the following:

1. No Late Night Parties

If you choose to hold your wedding on a weekday, you may have hold the ceremony and reception earlier than usual.

“Timing out the ceremony is tricky. While you do not want the ceremony starting too late, which will push back the time of the reception, you also don’t want the ceremony to occur in the midst of rush hour coming from work,” explains Weinberg.

2. Smaller Guest Count

The biggest downside, though, is probably the low turnout. Since most people work during the week, it may be challenging for many guests to take time off from their jobs to travel for your event.

However, if you’re not looking for a big bash, a weekday may be just the ticket for a more intimate affair.

“If you're looking at a weekday wedding, it might not be a bad idea to consider a micro wedding, eloping, or a destination wedding. After all, if your loved ones are taking time off in the middle of the week, why not go all out?” says Alexander.

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