Going home for your wedding? Christina Friedrichsen, founder of IntimateWeddings.com, shares these 7 tips for avoiding unexpected kinks when you plan to tie the knot on your own turf.

1. Matters of Faith

If you want your union to be recognized by a particular religion, you might be required to have the ceremony in a place of worship. Be sure to ask ASAP.

2. Vet Your ‘Venue’

Ask your vendors to vet your home beforehand, especially the caterer and the band/DJ. You want to be sure they have sufficient space in which to work, as well as all the necessary surfaces, outlets and cover.

3. Get Permitted

Check in with your town hall and police department to make sure you understand any noise restrictions and have all the necessary permits for parking and/or alcohol service.

4. Don’t Forget to Cab It

Have a cab service on hand to ferry home guests who’ve had one too many.

5. Be a Good Neighbor

Give the neighbors a heads-up that you’re getting hitched at home at least two weeks in advance and then remind them a couple days before.

6. Inquire into Insurance

Look into insurance. You will likely have 50 to 100 people trampling through your property, plus you could be liable for any injuries.

7. Have a Plan B

Secure a backup plan. What happens if there’s excessive rain, heat or wind? Make sure you can cram everyone in your house or rent the appropriate tent.

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