Chances are, you’ve given your wedding a bit of thought before getting engaged to the love of your life. Whether it be a Pinterest board collecting ideas over the years, a few hopeful conversations with friends, or even mentally taking notes when wedding inspiration hits during day-to-day life; most couples have some idea of how to begin planning their wedding aesthetic. Even if not, selecting a wedding aesthetic is one of the very first steps in wedding planning, and truly a crucial decision for a newly engaged couple. After all, the aesthetic is what the rest of the wedding decor and selections will build off of. These four tips will help bring the inspiration to fruition and soon you’ll be on your way to your wedding planner with an aesthetic end goal in sight.

1. Select your General Style

According to WeddingWire, your wedding aesthetic is basically the same thing as your wedding style. It’s important to know which general direction you want to go in when beginning to plan your aesthetic- modern, bohemian, rustic, minimalist, glamorous… the list goes on. This style could be a reflection of the happy couple’s personal style or just something they envision for the one-day event. Either way, getting this overarching idea down pat should be the first step in the process.

2. Choose your Colors

After selecting a style for your wedding’s design, it’s beneficial to select your colors. This ties in with the wedding style because cool colors may tie in well with a beachy or rustic aesthetic while vibrant colors might give off a glamorous or modern vibe, depending on the couple’s idea of their chosen style. When selecting colors, make sure to take into account your vision for your decorations, the bridal party’s attire, flowers, invitation suite, and more. The colors should also fit well together in a complimentary way.

3. Consider your Venue

If your wedding venue has already been chosen when you are deciding upon an aesthetic, make sure to consider the scenery when making the final decision. If your aesthetic is more important to you, perhaps you should select that before choosing a venue. Either way, it’s crucial that the two work well together. For example, a rustic aesthetic may not make sense in a modern art museum venue. Perhaps a glamorous aesthetic would appear disconnected from a wedding in a forest.

4. Prepare a Vision Board

Sometimes, it helps to lay it all out on the table. Literally. Creating a physical vision board for your wedding aesthetic can bring moving design pieces together. Some things to add to the board are photos of your venue, possible wedding color selections, key decor items (absolute must-haves), possible wedding gown or wedding party attire fabric swatches/ inspiration photos, and anything else that may contribute towards your overall aesthetic. This will give you a taste of how everything will look together on your wedding day and in your wedding photos and can help you confirm your final aesthetic selection.

Following these simple tips will get you well on your way to brainstorming and finding the perfect wedding aesthetic for you and your partner’s magical day.

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