Bachelorette parties are a rite of passage for many brides, and a way to let loose and have fun before their wedding. Accordion to The Knot, a bachelorette party is a pre-wedding celebration that became popular in the ’80s. Think women letting loose and having a great time for a day or weekend (whatever that means to them) and celebrating their engaged friend. This can mean many different things-- from an intimate get-together with close loved ones to a wild weekend in Miami. When beginning to plan a bachelorette party, there are three main things to consider.

1. Destination

Ultimately, the destination of a bachelorette party is the bride’s decision, but there are a few different details to take into account. Where would the bride like to go for her bachelorette? Maybe she would enjoy a quiet mountain weekend with her bridal party, or maybe she’d rather go down the “girls gone wild” route in Vegas with a large group of friends. The destination is the first thing to decide when planning this fun event, and if it’s important to the bride that all of her closest friends are able to make it, perhaps she lets the group have a say in which destination they could travel to/ be able to afford. Even if a bride is not planning her own party (sometimes bridesmaids do the planning and executing for her), this important decision usually requires her input.

2. Price Point

Once the destination is selected, it’s extremely important to gauge a price point that everyone is comfortable spending on the bachelorette weekend. After all, the bride most likely does not want her closest friends to miss out just because they are unable to afford an expensive weekend. There are many ways to budget and plan for the event, but a general budget per person should be agreed upon first. Flights, hotel accommodations, food, and extra expenses should all be taken into account-- as well as whether or not the bridal party wants to pay the bride’s way through the trip. It’s important during this step to respect everyone’s financial boundaries and make the most of the agreed-upon budget.

3. Activities

The third most important factor to discuss when planning a bachelorette party is which activities should be included. Perhaps the bride has non-negotiable ideas, like visiting a certain restaurant in the area or planning a beach/ hiking excursion, or maybe she wants to be surprised by the activities of the weekend if she isn’t the planner. While the bride’s idea of fun is what everyone typically strives for during a bachelorette party, it’s always a beneficial idea for all of the attendees to pitch in ideas and brainstorm about fun things to do in the area, and plan a loose itinerary in advance.

A bachelorette party is intended to be fun, and organizing a plan helps make it less stressful for everyone. After these three aspects of a bachelorette party are discussed, you’re on your way to planning an amazing weekend of fun before the wedding.

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