Let’s face it, it’s easy to forget small but important details. With so many things to remember and so many factors coming together to make your special day perfect, it’s a possibility that a few details could slip the mind. No need to worry, everything at your wedding will go smoothly even if a few details are missed, but there are four little things that we think you should double check right before the big day begins.

1. Bridal Party Transportation

According to Brides.com, transportation for the bridal party is on the list of most-forgotten details when executing a wedding. This is important because most often, the bridal party will get ready with the bride before going to the ceremony. Sometimes, the location of wedding-day glamour is different from the ceremony venue, which could also differ from the reception venue, resulting in the need for transportation from place to place. This could be ordering your bridal party an uber to the ceremony or from the ceremony to the reception, renting a limo or some other type of vehicle, or good old-fashioned carpooling. It’s a kind gesture to provide transportation to the bridal party, one that will not go unnoticed.

2. Backup Alcohol

Even if you feel like you’re adequately prepared for a large reception, sometimes the party keeps going. It’s always a great idea to grab a few bottles of backup alcohol for the reception, even if it means having a parent or friend run out and grab a few before the big day commences. If the additional alcohol is not used during the ceremony, it’d make a great gift to send home with members of the bridal party or groomsmen.

3. Distractions for Children

If you are inviting parents to your wedding who may bring their small children, or have some younger kids in your family, it’s a smart idea to have a plan of distraction in case things get rowdy at some point during the event. A few ideas could be handing out coloring books and crayons to keep the kids busy during the ceremony, planning on having childcare in a separate room at the ceremony or reception venue, or allowing games for the kids during the reception. This detail may require some planning ahead of time, but it’s a great idea to prepare for the event that children get restless during the wedding.

4. Right-hand man

On your wedding day, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is handling the small details listed above, mishaps with your outfit/ appearance, or any other minor inconveniences or errands. That’s why it’s best to find a right-hand man for both the bride and groom to make sure things run smoothly. Typically, this is a bridesmaid and groomsman for each member of the happy couple, and someone who is trusted to get things done. If a bride loses a hair piece, a groom needs a tux adjustment, a last-minute errand needs to be run (such as more alcohol), the right-hand man gets the job done, no questions asked.

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