While the majority of weddings begin late afternoon and last into the night, some start in the morning and end during the day. While this type of wedding is not for everyone, it’s an option that may be perfect for some couples, especially with fall’s chilly nights quickly approaching. A daytime wedding can have many pros and cons, and we’ve got three of each to help you make a proper decision on when to hold your wedding. Note that a daytime wedding is likely to be successful during the fall/winter when it’s not too hot for an outdoor wedding during the day.

PRO: Brunch Options

A morning/ early afternoon wedding ceremony can lead to an early afternoon brunch reception, and we know that’s everyone’s favorite meal of the day. Think brunch food buffets with french toast, omelets, hash browns, etc., mimosa flights, and pastries for dessert. This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser-- as alcohol is still plentiful, food is delicious, and food costs per guest would be extremely low.

CON: No Gourmet Foods

While brunch is delicious and a fan-favorite for many, it means that there would be no rich dinner or gourmet lunch options. Gourmet foods such as steak, pork, and seafood don’t make sense with a daytime wedding, as they’re heavier foods, typically for later in the day. Wedding cake also doesn’t make much sense too early in the day, but could always be held off until later in the reception if a daytime wedding was chosen. Gourmet food at a wedding is typically well looked forward to, so the bride and groom would need to weigh these options.

PRO: Energy to Party

With a daytime wedding, the sun is still out during the reception, and the day is still young, so it’s time to party. Guests will still have energy and will be ready to dance and party the day away at the reception. Some might say that a daytime wedding just means you get to have a longer party with your loved ones-- one that could even carry over into the night.

CON: Difficult for Guests’ Schedules

A day wedding may be hard for some guests to schedule in, as it’s likely to take up a majority of the day. Evening weddings are still a time commitment, but less such. This conflict can be avoided with an extra early save the date notice, but it’s still wise to keep this in mind when scheduling-- especially for people who will be traveling out of town for the event.

PRO: In Bed Early

Let’s face it, being in bed early after months of wedding planning, running around, and decisions sounds like a dream to many couples. With a daytime wedding, the newlyweds and guests will likely be in bed before midnight, leaving a full day of possibilities the day after the wedding, and a lower likelihood of being overly exhausted.

CON: Having to find Childcare

It’s typically simpler for adults to find childcare for evening weddings or events, and may be a bit more difficult for an all-day/ daytime wedding. Plan ahead and make sure to set aside a few different childcare options for the wedding if this could be a conflict for you.

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