Your wedding flowers are a beautiful keepsake to remember your special day by, and there are ways that you can preserve and store your florals to keep them forever!

How much time did you and your wedding florist spend going back and forth, sending inspiration photo after photo to each other in collaboration to create the perfect bouquet?

Chances are, you’ve spent hours of time, a good bit of money from your wedding budget and a lot of excitement and dreaming to land your perfect wedding bouquet. Your bouquet most likely compliments your wedding colors, perhaps the theme and the essence of you as a bride.

So, it’s perfectly normal to want to keep these flowers to remember your beautiful day. Now, we all know that flowers typically wither away, turn brown and die after 7-10 days in a vase of water. But we’ve got good news, there are ways to store and preserve your bouquet so that you can keep it forever.

According to, you can keep your flowers by pressing them, drying them, or using gel, wax, or epoxy resin to coat, arrange and preserve them.

Here are four ways to store them once they‘re preserved:

1. Create artwork

Whether you use gel, wax, resin, or dry or press your flowers; they can be stored as pieces of artwork. You can work with an artist or DIY a piece of art on your own to create a beautiful arrangement in a frame that you can hang on the wall and admire with your partner for years to come.

There are many beautiful ways to repurpose flowers into resin artwork, including creating a glass/ resin paper weight, magnet, ornament, etc.

2. Leave them arranged

If you dry your flowers out, you can easily leave them arranged in a vase or another vessel to set out on a shelf or table. If you like the dried floral look and are in love with the original arrangement done by your florist, this could be a great option.

It’s important to work with your florist by asking them if this could be done for all flowers in the arrangement as some flowers don’t tend to dry as well as others and could just turn brown and ugly.

3. Tuck them away

Many brides like to keep their bouquet from their wedding but want to keep it tucked away; safe and easily accessible when you’re feeling nostalgic. You can do this by getting a “wedding box” or a special box specifically for wedding memories, and keeping your dried/ preserved bouquet, a copy of your invitation/ stationary and a few prints of wedding photos in it.

4. Keep a scrapbook

It may seem old-fashioned, but keeping a wedding scrapbook is a beautiful way to fondly look back on the day with your partner. You can leave your preserved florals in the scrapbook and decorate the pages to enjoy the repurposed bouquet as you flip through the book. You can also do this for a few stems and keep the rest tucked away or as a decoration in another way.

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