Even budget brides want stunner personal flowers and impactful arrangements. Here are 4 ways to get gorgeous blooms without breaking the bank.

1. Pick seasonal blooms

Depending on your wedding’s location, elegant peonies are typically affordable in late spring; big, colorful dahlias are a pocketbook-friendly choice for summer; fluffy, cheery chrysanthemums and sunflowers are smart for fall; and graceful branches and berries are great for winter.

2. Include substantial stems

Hydrangea's bushy blooms — typically blue, pink, purple or white — augment bouquets and centerpieces for a lush, full look. Fewer stems are required, freeing up funds for pricier focal flowers, such as orchids or roses.

3. Stick with your florist’s containers

A professional florist will build the rental cost into the price of the arrangement and not charge you as much labor, as they know exactly what they have to work with.

4. Trust your vendor

Once you’ve selected a florist, share the colors, style and budget you want and then let them do what they do best. Floral designers are artists and work much better not being told exactly what to do. When you trust them to come up with a look for you, they will go above and beyond!

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